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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Man Of Charisma

Muhammad: A Man Of Charisma

By Prof. Shahul Hameed

The Prophet Muhammad taught that even a smile is rewarded in Islam.
The Prophet Muhammad taught that even a smile is rewarded in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was always cheerful, genial, and pleasant-tempered. He was never rude or rough. He only spoke things that brought rewards from Allah (God) Almighty.

When he spoke, the listeners would listen to his words with attention. They did not feel any inclination to engage him in heated arguments. The Prophet would always show patience with a stranger's roughness of manners or harsh talk. He used to say:

"When you see a person seeking an object earnestly, assist him to get his need." (Al-Baihaqi)

And no wonder God Almighty said of the Prophet:

{And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted standard of character.] (Al-Qalam 68:4)

A person's face not only reflects the feelings of the heart, but also signals his or her attitude to the world around him or her. Indeed, you may even say that the total personality of a person is mirrored in the face.

And to speak about Prophet Muhammd, his smiling face was a source of solace and comfort to all those who came to meet him. Not just his words and actions, but the very expressions on his face shed rays of peace and tranquility into the hearts of those who were distressed by the pressures of life, or tormented by the afflictions of the soul.

Abdullah ibn Harith reported: "I have never seen anyone more in the habit of smiling than Allah's Messenger." (At-Tirmidhi)

The Prophet's smiles had spread such an aura of indescribable joy among his Companions to the extent that they forgot all their anxieties and worries in his presence and became totally fascinated with the Prophet himself.

The reason was that the Prophet was a perfect personality who always exuded a charisma of charm and geniality. His way was one of harmony and compassion. He was polite and considerate to everyone, and always kept a smiling face. Once, he told his Companions, "Smiling at your brother is a charity." (At-Tirmidhi)

There is an interesting incident reported by Saad ibn Abi Waqqas:

"Umar ibn Al-Khattab, one of the Prophet's Companions, asked his permission to see him. At the same time, there were some Quraishi women sitting with him asking him to give them more financial support, and they were raising their voices over the voice of the Prophet.

When Umar asked permission to enter, all of them hurried behind a screen. The Prophet admitted Umar, and he entered to find the Prophet smiling.

Umar said, "May Allah always keep you smiling, O Allah's Messenger! Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you!" (Note: This expression was used at the time to show one's love to another.)

The Prophet said, "I am astonished at these women who were with me. As soon as they heard your voice, they hastened behind a screen."

His sweet and amiable expression made a profound impression on every stranger who met him.

Umar said, "You have more right, that they should be afraid of you, O Allah's Messenger!"

And then he (Umar) turned towards them and said, "O enemies of your souls! You are afraid of me and not of Allah's Messenger?"

The women replied, "Yes, for you are sterner and harsher than Allah's Messenger."

Allah's Messenger said, "O Ibn Al-Khattab! By Him in Whose Hands my life is, whenever Satan sees you taking a route, he follows a route other than yours!" (Al-Bukhari)

Another Companion, Jarir ibn Abd-Allah, said: "Since the time I accepted Islam, the Prophet never once failed to notice me. Whenever he saw me, he would smile at me." (Al-Bukhari)

All those who knew the Prophet were fascinated and enchanted by the dignity and greatness of his character. His sweet and amiable expression made a profound impression on every stranger who met him.

No other person in history was privileged to have so many extraordinary qualities, and naturally, his Companions were ready to sacrifice their lives to protect him.

His hospitality and generosity were matchless; and he was the last man to get upset or angry. Indeed, he was so generous that he would never deny anything he was asked.

The forgiveness and general amnesty given by the Prophet to the Quraishis of Makkah, who had been insulting and persecuting him for over two decades, is well-known.

William Muir, the orientalist historian wrote, "The magnanimity with which Muhammad treated a people who had so long hated and rejected him is worthy of all admiration." (398)

Even the enemies of the Prophet acknowledged his justice and honesty: Long before he received prophethood, he was called Al-Ameen (that is, the truthful, the trustworthy). And so, his people always approached him for judgment and consultation.

He did not allow people to stand up out of respect upon seeing him, as they usually did before kings or leaders. Visiting the poor and the unfortunate and entertaining them were his constant habits. He had no hesitation in accepting the invitation of even a slave. He used to sit among the people like any one of them.

Simplicity, sincerity, and geniality were the keynotes of his character. The Prophet's wife, Aishah, said that he used to repair his shoes, sew his clothes, and share in domestic chores. He was most merciful, gentle, and amiable to all.

He was eager to serve anyone who served him. He was always in full control of his temper, and he never got angry unless it was absolutely necessary. If at all he was angry, it was for the sake of God and His religion, and not for his own sake.

The Prophet's magnanimity, broad mindedness, and tolerance embraced all people and entitled him to be a father to all of them.

He was careful to maintain an equal status with others and did not desire privileges. In an assembly he would seat himself at the least covetable position, next to the last person.

Whenever people came to meet him, he received them with honor and respect, so that each person addressed by the Prophet would think that there was no one more honored by the Prophet than him- or herself.

No questioner was disappointed when seeking advice from the Prophet.

To him the most favored one was the most pious one among the people. As for those persons who held high positions with their people, the Prophet was attentive to honor and respect them.

He never ignored his friends. Moreover, he used to visit them even during busy days, and inquired about their conditions.

The Prophet always adopted a moderate approach to all matters. He always chose the easier and the more pleasing way to solve problems.

While on his deathbed, the Prophet sent for the money in his house and distributed it among the poor. Immediately before he breathed his last, he had it publicly announced if anyone owed him anything, he may claim it; and if anyone was offended by him, he could have instant revenge.

Such was the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

Works Cited:

, William. The Life of Mahomet. Smith, Elder, & Co.: London, 1861.

Professor Shahul Hameed is a consultant to the Reading Islam Website. He also held the position of the President of the Kerala Islamic Mission, Calicut, India. He is the author of three books on Islam published in the Malayalam language. His books are on comparative religion, the status of women, and science and human values.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ababil Oh Ababil-dari ar rumaisaa

1400 tahun lalu, Rasulullah saw telah memberitahu, bahawa kita, umat baginda, akan ditimpa satu keadaan yang sangat teruk.

“Hampir tiba masanya, semua umat yang ada akan merebutkan kalian, sepertimana pemangsa mengerumuni hidangan.”
Seorang sahabat bertanya, “Apakah kerana bilangan kami (umat Islam) ketika itu sedikit, ya Rasulullah?”.
Baginda menjawab, “Tidak,bahkan jumlah kalian amat banyak. Namun, keadaan kalian seperti buih di lautan. Allah mencabut dari hati musuh-musuh rasa takut terhadap kalian, lalu Dia memasukkan Wahn ke dalam hati kalian.”
Sahabat bertanya lagi,”Apakah Wahn itu?”
Baginda menjawab,”Cinta dunia dan takut mati.”.
(Hadith riwayat Abu Dawud)


muslim_mapApa pendapat kawan-kawan? Sudah tibakah zaman itu? Bukankah kata-kata Rasulullah saw itu sudah menjadi realiti hari ini? Bilangan kita 1.5 billion, di kalangan penduduk dunia yang jumlahnya 6 billion. Namun, jika ditelusuri keadaan umat Islam sepanjang 25 tahun sahaja hidup saya yang pendek ini, cukup untuk membuatkan airmata kita tidak sempat mengering. Kisah-kisah pembunuhan dan penindasan ahli keluarga kita di serata tempat, seluruh pelosok dunia yang bagaikan ‘sudah terang lagi bersuluh’. Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pattani, Tunisia, Kashmir, Lubnan, Iraq, Palestin, Uzbekistan, China dan… sungguh senarai ini masih panjang.

Oh…Kenapa orang-orang semua nak bunuh kita ???


Kita semua belajar cerita Abrahah masa Sirah darjah 1, kisah tentera bergajah diketuai oleh Abrahah itu, yang mahu menghancurkan Kaabah. Kemudian Allah mengutuskan burung-burung Ababil yang mencampakkan batu-batuan panas untuk melenyapkan angkatan jahat itu dari muka bumi!
Tapi …
kenapa dunia kita jadi begini sekarang?
Oh di manakah burung-burung Ababil itu?
Kenapa Ababil tidak datang menghancurkan tentera Serbia semasa penyembelihan ratusan ribu umat Islam Bosnia?
Kenapa laut tidak menenggelamkan kapal perang Perancis dan Amerika yang menyerang sepertimana ia pernah menenggelamkan batalion tentera Firaun?


Namun …
h1n1virusYang kelihatan cumalah umat Islam terus-terusan dibantai dan dianiaya. Satu-persatu. Dari satu negara ke satu negara. Ia seperti wabak yang lebih dahsyat dari H1N1, umpama penyakit yang tiada sembuh-sembuhnya, merebak tiada hentinya. Ini mimpi ngeri yang sangat panjang. Kita dikerumuni musuh dari segenap penjuru – dari luar, bahkan dari dalam juga, termasuk dari kalangan orang yang mengaku Islam. Kita seperti menjerit dan bertanya-tanya dalam ketakutan..
di manakah pertolongan Allah ?!


Saudara-saudara seiman yang saya cintai dan muliakan, wahai umat Nabi Muhammad!

Kita teliti semula firman Allah yang diwahyukan kepada Nabi kita, Nabi Muhammad saw:

“Jika kamu menolong (agama) Allah, nescaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu.” (Surah Muhammad:ayat 7)

Sesiapa yang di dalam hatinya sudah jelik dan jijik dengan kerosakan dunia hari ini, merindukan kembalinya kebenaran, mengangankan kesejahteraan dunia ini dalam cahaya Islam, maka dia mesti memahami ayat di atas! Di dalam ayat ini, yang ditujukan kepada kita umat Rasul terakhir, tertulis satu rahsia besar, satu sunnatullah, satu syariat, untuk kita menang. Berdasarkan firman Allah tersebut, jika dan HANYA jika kita
menolong agama Allah’
terlebih dahulu (dgn berusaha habis-habisan, sehabis daya, bersungguh-sungguh, sampai penat, sampai pengsan, sampai mati),

‘nescaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu.’


Kenapa begitu? Kerana Allah hanya akan memberikan pertolongan dan kemenangan kepada orang-orang yang layak sahaja. Ertinya, kalau Islam tak menang-menang jugak di dunia pada hari ini, itu maksudnya kita yang memang belum layak untuk menang. Belum layak untuk dapat pertolongan Allah. Belum cukup beriman. Belum cukup berusaha. Belum cukup berjuang. Itu sifirnya. Kalau kita hanya mahu goyang kaki, relax selalu, main game, tengok cerita korea, afundi AF, dan tidak kisah serta tidak mahu fikir apa-apa hal Islam, usahlah mengimpikan ‘burung Ababil’ akan turun selamatkan kita.


lightningSaya memerhatikan ada satu penyakit yang dihidapi oleh sebahagian kawan-kawan seislam, iaitu suka tengok sesetengah negara kena bencana. Apabila menara WTC roboh pada 11 September, ada sesetengah umat Islam bergembira dan menyebut,
“Padan muka US! Jahat sangat.”

Mereka seolah-olah menunggu-nunggu Allah menurunkan keajaiban, mengirimkan malapetaka untuk menghancurkan pihak-pihak yang menjadi musuh Islam. Mereka mengharapkan tentera Israel mati dipanah petir di Palestin, atau taufan tornado tiba-tiba datang menghancurkan kereta kebal Amerika di Iraq. Mereka ini sayang Islam, menyesal dengan apa yang berlaku, memandang dengan kesedihan, tetapi tidak berbuat apa-apa, lantas berdoa, “Semoga Allah menurunkan kejadian luar biasa!”. Seolah-olah menginginkan ‘burung-burung Ababil’ turun sekali lagi.


Burung-burung Ababil TIDAK akan turun. Penantian seperti itu adalah tidak berguna dan sia-sia! Usah bermimpi dan berangan. Pertolongan Allah tidak akan datang kecuali dengan usaha dan perjuangan. Kita dilanda masalah umat Islam keseluruhan yang dahsyat. Tidak ada jalan pintas menyelesaikannya. Tidak ada jalan mudah seperti rundingan apa-apa, atau berpilihanraya sahaja, atau menunggu keajaiban berlaku.


006Diagnosis penyakit orang Islam hari ini adalah tidak faham Islam itu sendiri, tidak tahu ‘apa ertinya saya menganut Islam’, pemikiran sudah bercampur-aduk dan keliru. Maka ubatnya, satu-satunya solusi konkrit yang kita ada, ialah untuk membina semula jatidiri muslim itu. Segalanya mesti bermula dengan kembali memahami Islam, kembali mengamalkan Islam, jauhi dosa dan mementingkan ketaatan kepada Allah, oleh semua orang, tanpa mengira usia, lokasi, pangkat dan masa, dalam semua aspek hidup. Tanpa terkecuali. Usaha ini nampak kecil, tidak gempak, tetapi hakikatnya ia adalah nadi. Inilah titik mula perjuangan itu. The first and the most important step.


Kawan-kawan yang saya kasihi dan muliakan,
Dipersilakan memilih untuk menjadi Peserta atau Penonton dalam hal ini.
Kepada yang memilih menjadi peserta…
Selamat melangkah, jangan lemah semangat dan jangan berhenti. Sungguh, Allah tidak pernah memungkiri janjiNya :

“Jika kamu menolong (agama) Allah, nescaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu.” (Surah Muhammad:ayat 7)



26 Syawal 1430 H

(rujukan: Al-Quran, Riyadhus Solihin, Bukan Zaman Abrahah oleh Dr Raghib as-Sirjani)

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